It was my great pleasure and honor to see this project of mine feature in a popular wedding blog, Love4Weddings.gr
Enjoy the article and browse the photo gallery taken from Ioanna & Elias’ wedding album. Ioanna and Elias’ vintage look wedding celebration, held at the stunning ‘Residence’ venue, one of the most authentic vintage look weddings I have ever organized.If you’re a vintage loving bride-to-be, you’re bound to fall for a wedding decoration backdrop of coordinated pink and red roses, antique props and decor, velvet decorative chairs and shabby chic old wooden folding screen. And how could we not mention the ravishing bride with her retro chic bridal makeup and hairstyle that so impressed, together with her stunningly beautiful mermaid-like Galia Lahav wedding dress.

A wedding you don’t want to miss.

“Our wedding celebration, held at the Aghios Fanourios chapel just visible in a lush garden full of fruit trees, agapanthus, busy lizzies, wisteria and lilacs on the grounds of ‘The Residence’ event venue in Varibobi. The late spring weather heralded the onset of summer, transforming the delightful setting into a scene from a Monet painting…”

“My Galia Lahav wedding dress, inspired by the Roaring Twenties, is from the ‘Tales of a Jazz Age’ collection. Perfectly coordinating with my wedding day makeup and hairstyle, the wedding dress was an ingenious contribution to my breathtaking vintage look wedding, a reminder of a bygone era in femininity, individuality, and romanticism.The bridal gown is a classic mermaid dress with a geometric graphic spiral embroidery, silk ivory tulle, sparkling crystals and pearls, while the impressive low back, covered with a silk tulle trim, added a sense of elegance and luxury …”

Ioanna revealed how she met Elias:

We met on my first day at work. He worked in the wages office then and helped me fill out some paperwork.I was smitten by his natural ease and radiant smile. It was later one Christmas Eve that he proposed to me. Breakfast was usually an ordinary affair but this particular morning I woke up to find a huge bouquet of red roses and some chocolates on the kitchen table.. I thought it was to catch the lovely holiday mood: “I want to share the rest of my life with you”, he said tenderly.

“As a memory to last a lifetime, my breathtaking bridal bouquet was supplied by talented wedding designer Marilia by Maria Ghika, “Passion red, piano Rose red, Naomi and pastel shades like Sweet Avalanche Rose, Wedding Rose, Cloud Break, Roses Pompidou, Pink O’Hara, and a stunning Peony Pink were among the flower varieties chosen by Marilia, I loved it ! “, said the bride.

“My favorite wedding moment was when walking slowly up the aisle in this enchanting setting accompanied by my loving parents and seeing my beaming husband-to-be proudly waiting at the end of it. It was the moment that heralded the beginning of my new life. I’ll never forget it for the rest of my life! ”

“The best thing about having our wedding day planned by these amazing professionals was seeing our sense of style reflected so truly and individually. Our vision and wishes were fully understood as they undertook to work closely with us to plan our wedding event, going beyond all our expectations with exceptional design and laying the foundation for a new friendship. All in all, I can’t praise them highly enough for what they have done”

“My vintage look wedding was a nod to an era of romanticism and both Marilia by Maria Ghika and wedding photographer Irini Kolovou produced a dream-like setting tying in different vintage romantic and shabby chic elements, all of which, together with the verdant country setting of “The Residence” wedding event venue, formed the ideal backdrop for an atmosphere exuding Gallic luxury…”

“Composition of antique items and framing of Victorian objects, classic English porcelain, and lace collectibles. So many happy nostalgic memories! Nostalgia, a word that perfectly describes the look of my wedding and all the shapes and colors that neatly came together – the retro floor lamps and vintage lamp shades, wood folding screens, and velvet chairs – taking you back in time to a delightfully retro French Colonial seating area. I totally loved it ! For us newly weds it was elegance in all its finest detail, combined with the lovely fresh red roses…”

“Everyone felt as if time had stood still and that I was starring in a favorite old movie. With the color coordination that we chose, my wedding celebration truly captured a spirit of elegance and glamour. And with the use of a strong deep red, the color of passion, the setting was beautifully arranged by our wedding organizer with inspiration taken from the Christmas wedding proposal. Splashes of brilliant red on retro look white furnishings and vintage pieces in ivory white established a warm atmosphere, like a nice glass of red and your favorite music…”

“Magical scenes, words that fully reflect the setting for my wedding. But how to keep the magic alive? A simple snapshot of the day would not be enough, instead what is needed is an artistic approach that can reproduce something of the actual scenes each time we look back on those magical images. Our wedding photographer did just that. The masterful look and style of the wedding celebration embracing both past and present was brought about by the photographer’s artistic endeavor and the designer’s skilled hands…”

“My tip for brides-to-be : Plan your wedding with a great deal of enthusiasm and positive energy. Allow for time and detail, and for best results be open to any necessary changes that may arise along the way. In our case we held the wedding reception on the lawn, though due to a sudden change in the weather the table centrepieces could not be set up outside.“Experienced ‘Residence’ venue provider Constantinos Spanopoulos was on hand to recommend removal of the round wedding tables into the luxury wedding marquee, open at the sides to retain that al fresco feel and equipped with a wooden deck floor. The candle-lit atmosphere that coordinated with the hard wood features and soft ivory hues was pure magic ! A real touch of romanticism took centre stage, giving the guests a warm welcome feeling, in turn enhancing the country-chic look that we so wanted to achieve. So my final tip to brides is not to settle for second best, think positive, be imaginative, and plan your wedding in the belief that nothing is too good for that magnificent day”